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      During our sublimation process your design may shift up to 2 inches when pressed. We always try our best to make sure your design is perfect but shifting is normal for this process.


      High Quality (HD) Images:
      Photos taken with your phone camera and set to HD work best with our shirts. If you bring in your own design make sure to save a high res files at 300 dpi to insure best results for your shirt!

      Low Quality (WEB) Images:
      If you download a photo from the internet most likely it will be a low quality 72 dpi image. It will look good on your phone but print blurry on our shirt. Photos taken from Facebook or Instagram are too small so make sure to save the original hd image from your phone to print on our shirt.

      If you have a design you would like to send us to get an order going than please mail us your designs to ohshirtyeah@gmail.com.  We need a vector version of your graphic so please double check the file format you have.  We currently only accept .AI, .EPS and .SVG files.  If you need us to rasterize, modify or create an image there can be additional fees. Always provide your print-ready artwork at the exact size that you want them to appear on your garments. Ensure that all raster files (or linked images) are built at 300 dpi.
  All art should be at the exact size you want it to appear on your garment.
If converting vector art to raster, leave the anti-aliasing option turned off. Rasterize or Outline any type layers. Leave your background color transparent, or match it to the apparel color in your order.*

    • Expect to receive your merchandise within 5-10 business days. If you have not received your merchandise within the 10 business days then please call us at 707.639.4152

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      All Rights Reserved.

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      Tips: Mouse wheel on the canvas to quick change the brush size

        Bug Reporting

        Please let us know if you find any bugs on this design tool or just your opinion to improve the tool.

        Tips: If you want to send content with screenshots or videos, you can upload them to imgur.com or any drive services and put links here.

          • Fill options

            Save this color

          • Create QRCode
          • Auto snap
            • Auto snap mode
          • Replacement image
            • 1200 x 344

          • Crop
          • Mask
            • Select mask layer

          • Remove background
            • Remove background

            • Deep:

            • Mode:

          • Filters
            • Filters

              • Original
              • B&W
              • Satya
              • Doris
              • Sanna
              • Vintage
              • Gordon
              • Carl
              • Shaan
              • Tonny
              • Peter
              • Greg
              • Josh
              • Karen
              • Melissa
              • Salomon
              • Sophia
              • Adrian
              • Roxy
              • Singe
              • Borg
              • Ventura
              • Andy
              • Vivid
              • Purple
              • Thresh
              • Aqua
              • Edge wood
              • Aladin
              • Amber
              • Anne
              • Doug
              • Earl
              • Kevin
              • Polak
              • Stan

            • Brightness:

            • Saturation:

            • Contrast:

          • Clear Filters
          • Click then drag the mouse to start drawing. Ctrl+Z = undo, Ctrl+Shift+Z = redo
          • QRCode text
          • Fill options
            • Fill options

              Save this color

              • Transparent:

              • Stroke width:

              • Stroke color:

            • Arrange layers
            • Position
              • Layer position

              • Center vertical
              • Top left
              • Top center
              • Top right
              • Center Horizontal
              • Middle left
              • Middle center
              • Middle right
              • Press ← ↑ → ↓ to move 1 px,
                Hit simultaneously SHIFT key to move 10px
              • Bottom left
              • Bottom center
              • Bottom right
            • Transforms
              • Rotate:

              • Skew X:

              • Skew Y:

              • Flip X:
                Flip Y:

                Free transform by press SHIFT+⤡

            • Font family
            • Edit text
              • Edit text

              • Font size:

              • Letter spacing

              • Line height

            • Text Effects
              • Text effects

              • Radius

              • Spacing

              • Curve

              • Height

              • Offset

              • Trident

            • Text align
            • Uppercase / Lowercase
            • Font weight bold
            • Text style italic
            • Text underline