Step 1: Email Us

The first step is to email us.  Send us over your design or design idea and let us know how many items and what sizes you’ll need.


Step 2: Mockup Design

One of our talented designers at Oh Shirt Yeah will design and update a mockup for the design you’re trying to print.

Step 3: Artwork Approval

We cannot start production until artwork is approved.  Please remember to double check your approval for spelling or design errors.

If We Need To Order You A Shirt For Your Order It Can Take 1-3 Days To Receive Your Item. 



All Over Prints

If you want to print a photo or design that covers an entire shirt then look no further.  Come in our store and design on our kiosk or design a shirt right now on our online designer.  This is perfect for large images that stretch to the sleeves or a pattern design that repeats.  The ideas are endless with this new style of printing.  We can only print on sublimation clothing so due to those limitations we do not allow you to supply your own garments for this process.  Perfect for one-offs. Can be printed within an hour.

Direct To Garment

Need a photo quality one-off in a rush?  Our direct to garment printer has got you covered.  We can print any design or photo on practically any shirt.  We can print an unlimited amount of colors with this method without any extra cost to you.  This method works best with white shirts.  If we use any other color shirt we have to pre-treat it so there will be a white residue on the shirt but will come out on first wash.

Vinyl Press

We can easily press vinyl all practically every shirt.  This is the same material we use for numbers on the back of Jerseys.  We like vinyl because it will last long (rated for 50 washes just like screen prints), You can get a bunch of exclusive colors like glitter or metallic and its quick for next day one-offs.  This works very well with lettering but designs must be limited to basic colors.  Logos work well and so does decal art.

All Over Prints Work Best For Photographs
And Colorful Illustrations.

Full Color

These full color prints look exceptional when pressed on a sublimated shirt.  Works great for high resolution photos, artwork and pretty much any graphic image you could possibly think of.  If you have a design that uses a full color range this is the shirt for you.

Print On The Entire Shirt

Trying to put a picture of someone’s entire face and have it fill up your entire shirt?  Yeah we can do that with this process.  The shirt design possibilities are endless with this method.  Go big or go home.

Design In Store

Come into our store at the Vacaville premium outlets and hop onto one of our shirt designers.  You can upload photos from your phone via text message, add images and even put on text.  Come in and design your all over print shirt today!

High Resolution Preferred

The higher the resolution the better quality of shirt you will receive.  We have printed some amazing shirts from some amazing artists and can see outstanding quality in the results.  We recommend sending extra large images in 300 dpi for best results.  Taking a Screenshot of an image on your phone and asking us to print it will result in a poor quality and blurry shirt.

Your Design May Shift

When we print out your design or photo we always enlarge it by a few inches so that we can get it to cover the entire garment without missing any edges.  This means we do have to crop your image slightly during our process.  Typically it is unnoticeable  but may be apparent in some designs.  This is a normal part of the process.

White Streak & Smudges

When pressing your image onto a shirt it is inevitable that we will get some white streaking from where your shirt bunched up and the dye print paper didn’t make contact with your shirt.  This is especially common in the armpit and sleeve area.  This is your warning.  We cannot be held responsible for white streaks per it is part of this process.

Vinyl Prints Are Fast , Look Good
And Hold Up Over Time.

Perfect For Text

Vinyl works best for text and typography.  Easily put any word or phrase and choose a multitude of fonts we have readily available.

Works Well With Solid Color Logos

We can stack multiple color layers onto a shirt which is perfect if you have a very simple and modern logo.  Our vinyl can cut out shapes and objects perfectly but is limited to one solid color.

Get Creative

We have various colors and glitter vinyl available in store.  Come in and see what we have so we can get your creation onto a shirt as soon as possible.

Exceptional Vinyl

The vinyl we use to heat press onto your garments is always of the highest quality to assure you’re getting vibrant colors, sparkly sparkles and a product that is going to last.

Rated For Over 50 washes

The vinyl we use is rated for over 50 washes which is the same wash life as the ink that we use for screen printing.  There is no need to worry about getting your custom jersey dirty on the field.

Anti Cracking & Flaking

This vinyl is tough and built to stand against the test of time.  No need to worry about your vinyl lettering falling apart on you after just a few washes.  Get the quality vinyl lettering you deserve!

Direct To Garment Allows You To Print On A Shirt Which Is Perfect For Complicated Art And Photographs.

Full Color Print

Our state of the art Epson shirt printer is capable of printing onto most shirts in a matter of seconds.  It has a full color range which means it works really well for both photographs and designs or images.  Although we are limited to a 16×24 print size we are still able deliver amazing and vibrant results with this machine.

Works Best With White Shirts

For best results we recommend using a white shirt.  Any other color of shirt requires a white base layer that is also printed.  When you’re using the white shirt as a base it is able to print fresh colors onto an already dry surface where the printed base white layer on a colored shirt is still wet and uncured.

Extremely Fast

This is one of the fastest ways we can print a small batch of shirts for you so this is your best friend if you’re in a time crunch and need some shirts.  Once again we recommend printing on a white shirt if you need an ordered rush.  We have a small supply of shirts available in store so if you need to order shirts for your order that it typically takes 1-2 days for us to receive the shirts to print on.

Treated Colored Shirts

If you want to print your design on any colored shirt we have to first pre-treat it with a solution that helps the white ink bind to the shirt.  Once we dry the solution the shirt becomes very starchy and it does leave a white stain.  This pre-treatment is essential to printing on the shirt.  If the white ink doesn’t bind properly then you can get various results which typically makes your design looked worn and vintage.  This stain will come out after a few washes so we recommend washing them 1-4 times.  If you’re giving this away as a gift we recommend using a white garment.

Colors May Vary On Print

The software we use has automatic color correction.  Once the image is loaded into the software and corrected we can make adjustments and the autocorrect typically does a wonderful job but we cannot guarantee the colors will look the same as the results vary depending on what monitor or peripheral you’re viewing the image in.  If you are particular about what color you want the final results then please team up with an associate and let them know prior to printing so we can run a few test prints before attempting to embellish your final product.

Pick Designs Off Our Wall

If you’re in a hurry and want to get a shirt printed quickly then we recommend visiting our store and choosing one of the many designs on our design wall.  Designs are changed periodically throughout the year.  Most designs we can easily customize the text as well so you can get creative with what you want it to say.  Hope to see you soon.

10AM – 7PM


Screen printing questions:

Must have a minimum of 24 items.  We can screen print on most garments.  Orders will not be started until we receive payment on your invoice.  Once the invoiced is paid we will order your shirts which takes 1-3 business days to receive.  Orders will be finished and available for pickup 7-10 days after the invoice is placed.  If we need to ship it we will have to add 3-5 business days for you to receive on top of the production time.  If you need a rush order please let us know in your email.

Embroidery questions:

Please allow 7-14 business days for embroidery orders.  Typically are embroidery production schedule is full so it may take two weeks to finish your project.

There is no minimum garment requirement for embroidery orders.  Getting text embroidered doesn’t cost extra but all original artwork has to be digitized for embroidery so we have to pass the $35 digitize fee off to you.  Once the artwork is digitized we can embroider as many items as you want whenever you want without having to pay the fee again.

Vinyl questions:

Vinyl is good for same day and next day printing.  Only flat designs will work so these work really well for text and numbers.  It is also good for flat logos.  We can vinyl multiple colors onto a shirt which will include additional fees to cover the cost of our premium vinyl material.

This vinyl is tough and built to stand against the test of time.  No need to worry about your vinyl lettering falling apart on you after just a few washes.  It is rated for 50+ washes and will continue to hold up for years.

Direct to garment or graphic tee questions:

Our direct to garment printer has got you covered.  We can print any design or photo on practically any shirt.  We can print an unlimited amount of colors with this method without any extra cost to you.  This method works best with white shirts.  If we use any other color shirt we have to pre-treat it so there will be a white residue on the shirt but will come out on first wash

This shirt prints within minutes so this is also a very good method for same day and next day printing.

Can I get a shirt made same day?

If you’re looking to get a one or a few shirts we do have same day printing options available including vinyl, sublimation and direct to garment.  In order to assure same day printing we suggest that you arrive in our store as early as possible so a rep can confirm we can print same day.  Same day pick up may not be available depending on our production load so please confirm with an associate.  

What image formats do you prefer?

Accepted File Types:

We currently only accept AI, EPS and SVG files as ready to go images for Screen Printing.

If you need us to rasterize or modify a JPG, PNG or PDF file then may be additional fees depending on how complicated your design is.

JPG or PNG is suitable for all over print or the printed graphic tee and there are no additional fees for those formats.

Why haven't I received my order?

If we shipped out a package and you haven’t received it within 3-7 business days then please call us so we can help track that down for you: 707.639.4152

How can I get help with my design?

Most design questions can be answered by our service representatives.
Email us at with your design questions.

I need you to design my shirt

Oh Shirt Yeah charges a $50 design fee per shirt.  If you need us to design you a logo there may be additional fees depending on how complicated your design is.

Do I need a high res image for a quality print?

To ensure the best quality for your shirt we need high res images to work with.  Make sure that if your file isn’t a vector then at least make sure the photograph or image is at least 300 dpi.

Try setting your camera or phone to it’s HD photo setting if you’re having a hard time figuring out how to get 300 dpi.

How can I pay?

Credit Cards:
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

We accepts checks in store.

We accept cash in store as well.

How long to receive my order?

Orders typically take about 10 days from artwork approval to be shipped to your doorstep.  If you need an ordered rush shipped there will be additional fees that apply.  If you need rush shipping please let us know in your email.

How much do you charge?

The price of the order is determined by three things.  The product you select, the total number of colors needed for printing and the quantity of your order.

Other factors such as personalization or special requests also affect the cost. An example of personalization would be individual names or numbers.

Savings tip: The best way to reduce the cost per item is to increase the quantity of your order. We will work to customize your order to maximize savings.

Can you send me a sample?

If you need a blank garment sample of a product before ordering give us a call at 707-639-4152. One of our service representatives will be happy to arrange shipment of a sample whenever possible, usually for a small fee.

What happens when I place an order?

Each order is reviewed by a specialist at Oh Shirt Yeah to make sure your design is perfect and ready for print.

To make sure you are happy with the finished product we will review your design and fix common problems including alignment, contrast, line thickness, and more.

For orders of 12 or more items, you’ll get an email with a picture proof and details of any corrections before we process your order.

Can you print on my supplied garment?

Oh Shirt Yeah recommends all products to be purchased for printing through our vendors. We will not be responsible or liable for any damage caused to any products that are purchased outside of our vendor list.

What is your returns policy?


Items can not be returned or exchanged for a credit or a refund.  If you have a problem with a custom order please call or email us and let us know what happened.  We will correct our mistakes on a case by case basis.

Artwork Must Be Approved Before Printing

Please double check all artwork before approving it. Once your artwork is approved we will print as is and we cannot be held responsible for any errors you overlooked. Spelling errors are the number one causes of artwork-related problems so please triple check your spelling. We will not be held responsible if you approve artwork without seeing or receiving a mockup.