Minimum 24 Items

Each screen we use for you must have a minimum quantity of at least 24 items in order for us to start screen printing.  If you only need a few shirts made you can try our vinyl one offs, graphic tee or all over prints.

Add $15 Per Screen

Additional screens are needed for every separate color you use or if you need to change the size of your print between adult and children items.  The more complicated the design the more screens will be needed to complete the project.

Prices Go Up Per Color

Every color you add to your final shirt design is going to add a little bit more to your price per shirt.  Each color is also an additional screen fee.  The more colors we use the more complicated the project is.

Step 1: Email Us

The first step is to email us.  Send us over your design or design idea and let us know how many items and what sizes you’ll need.


Step 2: Mockup Design

One of our talented designers at Oh Shirt Yeah will design and update a mockup for the design you’re trying to print.

Step 3: Artwork Approval

We cannot start production until artwork is approved.  Please remember to double check your approval for spelling or design errors.

Step 4: Pay For Your Order

Once you pay your order in full we will order your shirts through our distributor so we can get started on the production of your order.

Step 5: Production Time

Now its time for us to burn screens, test shirts and get your screen printing order on track.  We will notify you if any questions or concerns arise while producing your order.

Step 6: Shipping Your Shirt

Typical orders take about 7-10 business days to get mock up approval and production finished.   Shipping takes about 3-5 business days.   You can also come in and pick up your shirt orders.

$30 Digitizing Fee

All artwork must be digitized for embroidery to assure the threading looks correct.  This is a one time fee and once we have the digitized file we can embroider as many items as you would like at any given time.  There is no digitizing fee for text embroidered items and we have a large list of fonts you can pick from.

Supplied Items

You can bring in items for us to embroider but you’re doing so at your own risk.  Oh Shirt Yeah will not be held responsible for any items that may end up getting damaged during our embroidery process.

Production Time

Due to the complexity of embroidery and our busy embroidery production schedule we are currently 7 – 14 days out for each embroidery project.  We highly recommend planning on getting embroidery orders in as soon as possible so can meet any deadlines you may have.

16 Colors Available

Choose up to 16 thread colors per embroidery project at no additional fee.  Oh Shirt Yeah charges by thread counts not colors.

Pro Embroidery Machines

Look no further for your custom embroidery needs.  We have the equipment to deliver the highest quality of custom embroidery in the Vacaville, Fairfield and Solano County area.

High Strength Thread

Our thread has excellent tensile strength which brings down chances of any breaking or fraying and also has impeccable color fastness to assure that your thread wont bleed or shrink.

All Over Prints

If you want to print a photo or design that covers an entire shirt then look no further.  Come in our store and design on our kiosk or design a shirt right now on our online designer.  This is perfect for large images that stretch to the sleeves or a pattern design that repeats.  The ideas are endless with this new style of printing.  We can only print on sublimation clothing so due to those limitations we do not allow you to supply your own garments for this process.  Perfect for one-offs. Can be printed within an hour.

Graphic Tees

Need a photo quality one-off in a rush?  Our direct to garment printer has got you covered.  We can print any design or photo on practically any shirt.  We can print an unlimited amount of colors with this method without any extra cost to you.  This method works best with white shirts.  If we use any other color shirt we have to pre-treat it so there will be a white residue on the shirt but will come out on first wash.

Vinyl Press

We can easily press vinyl all practically every shirt.  This is the same material we use for numbers on the back of Jerseys.  We like vinyl because it will last long (rated for 50 washes just like screen prints), You can get a bunch of exclusive colors like glitter or metallic and its quick for next day one-offs.  This works very well with lettering but designs must be limited to basic colors.  Logos work well and so does decal art.


Need to print one or a few shirts?  We have a multitude of clothing embellishment options available for you.  We do carry shirts in store to put your ideas on but we can also order various garments including bags, aprons, sweaters, jerseys and more.  Typically it takes us 1-2 days to order and receive custom garments.

Same Day Printing

If you’re looking to get a one or a few shirts we do have same day printing options available including vinyl, sublimation and direct to garment.  In order to assure same day printing we suggest that you arrive in our store by 4pm.  We cannot guarantee same day pick up anytime after that due to our production schedule.  Same day pick up may not be available depending on our production load so please call to confirm we can print same day.


Online Designer

You can design shirt 24/7 using our online designer.  If you need the shirt same day please call our shop so we can confirm that we can get that printed the same day.  Typically online orders are processed in 1-2 days of receiving.  Expect another 5-7 days for shipping.